I work in outdoor therapy and counselling. You may be thinking about having counselling or therapy and wondering what outdoor therapy is all about.

It's a different way of having counselling or therapy

  •  By going beyond the consulting room into a natural environment for a  therapy session.
  •  By talking whilst walking or being outdoors
  •  By using nature and the landscape in the sessions to help find solutions.
  •  By allowing nature to be an active partner in this process.


I first experienced the power of outdoor therapy when I noticed that my daily walks and working on an allotment were helping me cope with a particularly difficult time in my life.

I came back from these outdoor activities feeling a bit better -  the difficulties were still there - but I had more emotional and physical energy to deal with the challenges. So I trained in outdoor therapeutic work in 2007. In 2011 I co-founded an organisation offering outdoor activities for people with a variety of health needs in West Yorkshire. www.growingworks.org.uk

In 2014 I left to focus on outdoor therapeutic counselling.

I believe that when we go outside, especially in a beautiful landscape, something happens to us inside.

If we pause, reflect and connect with nature we find a different kind of energy to deal with stuff that is going on for us. I use this process to help you find clarity, awareness and the capacity to deal with the ups and downs of your life.

Nature can help you find a way of being in the world when it can feel overwhelming, lonely or confusing. It can help restore a sense of peace, create a feeling of wholeness and help you to face life with energy and hope.