I enjoy creating products that  are beautiful as well as functional.  My inspiration comes mainly from nature and my love of the outdoors.

My  designs often originate from everyday activities, such as seeing fleeting images of grasses on motorway drives, observing seed heads on a walk,  or noticing a row of beans on a chopping board.

I draw in pen and ink, then transfer the images on to things I  use everyday . I use colour as a contrast to the botanical style drawings to create cheerful, vibrant designs.

I use British manufacturers and local printers. This is really important to me as building good relationships ensures good quality and reliable delivery, and supports the local economy.

I live in the Pennines in Yorkshire and these hills not only support my art work but also my outdoor therapy work. It often feels like I have two separate lives, my art and my therapy, but the meeting point is nature. It's at the heart of everything I do.